AssaultCube Reloaded


Quality first-person shooting


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AssaultCube Reloaded is a free, open-source first person action game that aims to improve on the experience of the great AssaultCube game. Just like AssaultCube, this game has just as many one-player game modes as multi-player modes.

AssaultCube Reloaded is primarily geared towards multi-player games. In fact, it has about ten different modes including 'Deathmatch,' 'Capture the flag,' 'Tactics' or 'Collect,' among many others. In addition, of course, you can play games on your own against different bots that are controlled by the computer.

AssaultCube Reloaded has tens of different levels and weapons that, together, provide a lot of variety. In total, you'll find more than twenty levels and enough weapons to bore you: machine guns, pistols, double-action guns, knives, grenades...

AssaultCube Reloaded is one of the most powerful free FPS that you will find. And this is thanks to its Cube 2 engine, which is able to move tons of characters through very large scenes with remarkable graphics.
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